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You get the same price whether you buy your insurance through us or directly with the insurance companies. We are paid by the insurers, not you.

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A thorough understanding of your requirement and situation will enable us to advice better. Thus, giving you the ideal solution.

Market Comparison

According to your specific needs, we compare all the insurance plans in the market to find the best product for you.

Impartial Advice and Educational

Our goal is to educate our client by giving them as much relevant information as possible so that they make informed decisions.


Compare different international health insurance plans in 3 easy steps

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About Expatmedicare

At Expatmedicare, we specialize in advising expatriates on their international health and medical insurance. We understand that finding the right solution(s) for you and your loved ones can be an exhausting and confusing exercise. At the same time, this process is absolutely necessary. With the Expatmedicare Guide to International Health and Medical Insurance, we aim to educate our clients on some of the basic important information so that they can make informed decisions.

As an intermediary, we provide the full range of services We will be able to assist you in your research and decision making process. Our advice is independent and impartial. Looking after the interests of our clients is our primary focus. We are also able to assist our clients in legitimate disputes with any insurers we may recommend. As we represent most of the major insurers in the world, we are able to already sieve out the best products for you. We offer free health and medical insurance advice and no obligation quotes across the internet.



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