Emergency Preparedness Checklist in Shanghai

Emergency Preparedness Checklist in Shanghai

Get an International Health Insurance

For an expat aged 30, an international health insurance that provides coverage for hospitalization (access to international hospitals) and emergency evacuation/repatriation (within and out of China) will cost around CNY5,000 per annum that works out to be only CNY13.70 per day! This is a small amount considering the benefits and peace of mind you get.

If you current health insurance doesn’t include medical evacuation, you may consider the supplementary insurance provided by International SOS in China.

Locate Nearest Hospital

  • Locate your nearest hospital, find out if they have an emergency room (ER) and if they accept children and of what age.
  • Register yourself with the hospital and know the procedure during an emergency.
  • Note down the address and telephone number of the hospital in Chinese and English.

Have easy access to important numbers. Save numbers in Quick Dial on your mobile phone or stick them on your fridge.

  • Police 110
  • Ambulance 120
  • Fire 119
  • Car accident 122
  • Shanghai Hotline 962288
  • Your insurance helpline
  • Hospital
  • Embassy or Consulate

Develop an Emergency Plan

An emergency plan should clearly list down in bullet point where to go, who to call, what to do, important information like insurance details, medical record, etc. Share emergency plan with friends, school, neighbors, ayi and driver.

If you choose to be admitted to the ER of local hospitals, make sure that you have at least CNY10,000 - 20,000 cash on hand as payment is expected upon admission.

Places that offer First Aid and CPR training in Shanghai: 

  • Community Center Shanghai
  • First Aid China
  • First Aid Shanghai
  • International SOS
  • Parkway Health
  • Sinoaid
  • Shanghai East International Medical Center
  • Shanghai United Family Hospital

Ensure medications and supplies are up-to-date and sufficient.


Keep your passports (always ensure 6 months validity) and insurance card easily accessible and prepare a hospital bag packed with your necessities like toiletries, eyeglasses, insurance info, pen and paper, a small towel, mobile phone, charger, medical records, etc.