Download Our Expat Guide to Giving Birth in Shanghai

How much does it cost to have a baby in Shanghai? What are my options? What is the level of care? What kinds of prenatal tests are available in China? What should I look out for when choosing a place to birth? Does my insurance cover pregnancy? What should I look out for when buying maternity insurance? All these questions and more, answered in this book.

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“I am impressed how thorough and objective her research was. I believe her guide will help to make decision easier."
Dr. Ninni Ji, MD, Chair of Ob/Gyn Department, Shanghai United Family Hospital and Clinics (SHU)

“Finally all the information is in one place! This is a wonderful resource to help international families make informed healthcare choices for their families. This well-researched book is an empowering tool to give parents a realistic portrayal of giving birth in Shanghai.”
Melanie Ham, Founding Partner, Shanghai Mamas


For those of us who have lived in China long enough, will testify that gathering information in China is no small task. Even within the same organization, the same questions can get you different answers.

“Compiling all this information individually would be a truly daunting prospect for any person thinking of having a baby in Shanghai, .....”

Lynette MacDonald, Managing Editor, Shanghai Family


That’s what this book is all about. All the information is nicely organized in one place. Straightforward information on everything we need to know about giving birth in Shanghai.

For those of us without any maternity insurance to those with full coverage, expect to find cost comparison of prenatal and delivery packages of local to international hospitals.

“I managed to save more than 50% on my prenatal check-ups without compromising on the quality. I downloaded the Expatmedicare Detailed Price Comparison of Individual Prenatal Tests to my iPhone.”

Case studies from women with different experiences: mothers who had delivered premature babies, who had delivered at home, at local hospitals, international hospitals, mothers with babies in NICU (neonatal intensive care unit), etc.

Advice from expat mothers who had delivered in Shanghai. Learn from others’ experience. “Book way in advance if you decide to go through the local chinese hospitals.” “.... make sure that the hospital has a very good pediatrician and referral system to local hospitals.”

“.... What kind of support is available in terms of breastfeeding?”

“.... what are the standard procedures, tests, feeding protocols they follow when a baby is admitted in NICU.”

“A must-read for all expat mothers-to-be. This book is incredibly informative, well structured and extremely helpful.”

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