Different levels of coverage

Generally, there are 2 categories of coverage: Standard and comprehensive. Premium for comprehensive cover is higher compared to standard cover.

Standard Plan

Under the standard plan, most insurers will provide coverage for the following:

  1. in-patient: an insured person who stays in a hospital bed and is admitted for one or more nights solely to receive treatment

  2. day-patient: an insured person who is admitted to a hospital bed but does not need to stay overnight

  3. emergency treatments including accidental damage to teeth

  4. medical evacuation: evacuation of an insured person to the nearest medical facility for treatment in the case of emergency and when it is not readily available at the place of accident. Cover is extended to the insured person’s escort.

  5. home nursing by a qualified nurse immediately after discharge from hospital and on recommendation by a medical specialist

  6. cancer: Oncology which is treatment for cancer, including diagnosis, therapy (radiotherapy, chemotherapy, surgery, etc)

  7. reconstructive surgery administered immediately after an accident or disease, e.g. breast reconstruction after mastectomy and sometimes lumpectomy which may take place simultaneously during cancer-removing surgery, or months to years later

Comprehensive Plan

The comprehensive plan covers additional out-patient (an insured person who receives treatment at a recognized medical facility, but is not admitted to a hospital bed as an in-patient or day-patient) treatment.

Many insurers provide different modules, which you can add on, such as medical evacuation and repatriation, dental, optical and maternity coverage. Premium increases with more add-ons.

Graph below shows how premium increases with age between standard and comprehensive plans.


Goodhealth 2010 rate (US$), Major Medical vs Foundation, Nil excess, Area 4 (China, Singapore, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, the Caribbean, Russia and the rest of the world, excluding USA)
* Applicable to renewals only

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