Waiting Period


Waiting period is the length of time you have to wait before making any claim for that particular treatment or for the policy to be in force. In the event of an acute (short-term), serious illness or injury most insurers will cover immediately or when the insurer accepts a transfer.

Waiting periods are imposed to prevent any abuse of the system. Generally, waiting periods are applied to the following:

  1. Dental – 6 to 9 months depending on procedures carried out

  2. Orthodontics – 6 to 24 months

  3. Maternity – 10 to 12 months

  4. Wellness (mammogram, PAP smear, prostate cancer screening, etc) – 12 months

  5. Pre-existing conditions – 24 months

When buying as a group, some waiting periods may be waived. It is important to understand your personal circumstances, plans and needs in order to select the most appropriate product. If you need further assistance, do feel free to email us, or visit our FAQ page.
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