What is not covered

Most insurers will exclude chronic illness and pre-existing condition . Having said that, most will cover cost for treatments required to stabilize the health condition of the insured. Some insurers may accept to cover pre-existing conditions depending on how your policy is underwritten.

The list of exclusions changes from time to time as new technologies surface which in turn affect medical cost. Below is a list of exclusions found in most international health and medical insurances:

  • Addictive and mental conditions and disorders (some insurers might cover treatment on discretionary basis)

  • Allergies and allergic disorders

  • Artificial life maintenance

  • Birth control (contraception, assisted reproduction, sterilization, abortion, etc)

  • Conflict and disaster (treatment as a result of nuclear or chemical contamination, war, disaster, etc)

  • Cosmetic and plastic surgery (unless it is administered immediately after an accident or disease, e.g. breast reconstruction after mastectomy and sometimes lumpectomy which can take place simultaneously during cancer-removing surgery, or months to years later)

  • Obesity

  • Congenital conditions

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