Work with a professional

Choosing the right plan is an important duty. Ensure that the plan chosen serves you and your loved ones well in the long-term. Some expatriates may go for travel insurance or local insurers, this is only good as a short-term solution. Some may rely solely on the insurance provided by their employer only to find out that the cover ceases when they leave the company, leaving them and their loved one vulnerable. Some plans cover you for a year and some provide lifetime coverage. There are many different types of products with different level of coverage and different definitions.

It is therefore, critical that you study the market carefully before making such an important decision. Researching the various products and trying to understand the different terms and jargons can be time consuming and mind-boggling. It is wise that you work with a professional who is knowledgeable and experienced to guide you through your research and decision-making process. Ensure that the insurance advisor is truly independent and that they have professional liability.

At Expatmedicare, our consultants are able to help you work out your needs, review your current plan if any, research and advise you and your loved ones on the most appropriate products. The price we quote is the same whether you purchase through us or directly from the insurers. In some cases, it may be even lower. Should you need further information, feel free to email us or visit our FAQ page.

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