Living in Mumbai, India: Healthcare, An Expat’s Guide

Living in Mumbai, India: Healthcare, An Expat’s Guide

Are you moving to Mumbai or are you already living in Mumbai and need information about the options for healthcare that are available in the city? Are you looking to find out which of the city's facilities may provide some of the best care? In this article Expatmedicare investigates medical facilities and state of healthcare in Mumbai, India.


Mumbai's healthcare history

Mumbai has long been considered as one of India's most prominent and international cities. Some experts project that in the next 10 years, Mumbai will be the largest developing city in the world. The city and country have made great strides in improving infrastructure and quality of life and one area that also has seen and needs continued improvement is in its healthcare facilities. There have been an increasing number of private hospitals and clinics emerging as the city's public facilities can greatly vary in quality and standards. Many of the public clinics and hospitals do not meet international standards. With this in mind, it is advised that expats moving to Mumbai obtain international health insurance that will cover medical needs at private facilities as most foreigners will not find the majority of the public facilities acceptable.


Private healthcare facilities in Mumbai

As one of the most popular places for expats in India, Mumbai has begun to attract international private clinics and hospitals. While other cities in India are catching up and there are some stumbling blocks for the private healthcare sector, Mumbai is still considered the leader. Most private facilities accept direct billing with insurers thus if you have an expat medical insurance in place, this will help ease the financial burden should an emergency happen.


Bombay Hospital

Bombay Hospital has been in operation for almost 60 years and in that time, it has grown to provide more than 800 hospital beds. The hospital also ranks as one of the best multi-specialty medical centers in the country, has a staff of doctors and consultants in a variety of specialty fields, and boasts modern, cutting-edge technology and equipment. Not only is Bombay Hospital a leader in the healthcare industry in India, it also provides many services to those of lower socioeconomic backgrounds. As much as 33% of the patients treated in the general ward only need to pay for medicines and consumables and the hospital offers some free treatments to more than 100,000 people per year.


Hinduja Hospital

Hinduja Hospital has been serving Mumbai for more than 50 years and was established with the vision of providing quality healthcare to the city's residents. Hinduja Hospital boasts itself as an ultramodern tertiary care hospital that places high importance to offering quality medical treatments and services that meet and exceed international standards. Their commitment to healthcare has seen the hospital treat more than 13 million patients and the hospital now offers more than 40 specialties. The hospital maintains many International accreditations and awards, adding to its prominence in the city's healthcare sector.


Wockhardt Hospital

Wockhardt Hospital is one of India's leading healthcare groups, with nine facilities located throughout India. Throughout their 40-year history, Wockhardt Hospital has made it a priority to offer services that adhere to international standards, and as such, they've maintained a reputation as one of the most reliable hospital groups in India. Their next expansion will be a hospital in South Mumbai. This facility will have 350 beds and will be supplied with only the most modern equipment and technology. The hospital will offer services in a variety of specialties, including cardiac sciences, orthopedics, neurosciences, internal medicine and transplant medicine.

Mumbai Clinic

Another facility that has a long-standing history in Mumbai is Mumbai Clinic, which has been in operation for about 50 years. They offer services for more than 40 specialties. One area where Mumbai Clinic excels is in offering services for medical tourism. These services are very cost effective and are often much less than in Western countries.


International Health Insurance in Mumbai

As an expat in Mumbai, it is advisable to have in place an expat health insurance that provides access to private clinics and hospitals. If you are under group medical insurance plan, make sure that it includes coverage for maternity and/or dental. If you have to buy an individual medical insurance, it is a good idea to engage the help of an international health insurance broker that will be able to provide free consultation and advice and help you choose the best health insurance policy for you and your loved ones.


List of private clinics and hospitals in Mumbai

Bombay Hospital
Address: 12 Marine Lines, Mumbai 400020
Tel: +91 (022) 2067 676
Note: Clinics have their own operating hours

Breach Candy Hospital Trust
Address: 60 A Bgykabgau Desai Road Mumbai 400026
Tel: +91 (022) 2366 7788, 2367 1888, 2367 2888, 2363 3651
Note: Clinics have their own operating hours

P.D. Hinduja National Hospital
Tel: (022) 2444 7000/9199, 2445 1515/2222

Wockhardt Heart Hospital
Tel: (022) 6680 4444

Asian Heart Institute
Address: Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (E), Mumbai 400 051, Maharashtra, India
Tel: +91 (022) 6698 6666, Fax: +91 (022) 6698 6506