We work with major insurance companies, which have proven track record in client servicing and are able to respond quickly in handling difficulties and claims. As an independent medical insurance broker, we are constantly reviewing and updating our portfolios of insurers and products to ensure that our clients will always receive the best.

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What makes a good insurer

The main reason why customers purchase an international health insurance is to obtain medical coverage and assistance. Customers are focused on ratings of insurance companies because insurer solvency is an important issue. That being said, intermediaries should always exercise caution when choosing which insurers to represent for their clients to prevent later liability. Here are some of our selection criteria:

1. Credibility

A good insurer is committed to their customers and stays true to their mission. Does the insurer have a good reputation in the industry? Does the insurer have a good claim record? Do their partners/brokers and customers trust and stay loyal to them? Do they deliver their promise? How long have they been established?

2. Financial Condition

The fundamental reason for purchasing an international health insurance is to obtain a peace of mind. Knowing that should the unfortunate situation arises, your insurer will be there to cover you all the way so that you can concentrate on gaining your health back. Therefore, looking into the financial condition of the insurer is extremely important. Do they pay out claims as promised and promptly? Do they have a solid claim record? Who are the underwriters ?

3. Customer service

While living and working abroad, it is important that you know where to get good medical advice and assistance. A good insurer should have an extensive network and agreement with medical providers, 24/7 multilingual helplines, skilled to handle medical and emergency evacuation globally, provide timely and accurate response to customers'/brokers'/partners' needs and complaints, able to accept various modes/currencies/frequencies of payments etc?

4. Product Quality

Leading insurers constantly maintain relevance to expatriates, ensuring that their products are competitive. Evolving their products to suit the lifestyle changes of its customers. Do they provide flexible options that customers can pick and choose what they need and pay for just that in terms of level and area of coverage. What is covered in the policy? How much is covered in the policy? Does the policy ensure that the customer's needs are met? Does it provide automatic renewal?

5. Premium competitiveness

International medical insurance for expatriates is a necessity. Premiums are usually higher compared to local health insurance due to the different types and levels of coverage offered. A good insurer will always ensure that you get good value for money. Do they have different price structure across each specific target audience? Do they offer any discounts on renewals? Do they offer family discounts? Do they insure your children (depending on their age) for free? If yes, how many children can be included? Do they offer no claims discounts? What is their premium increase over time?

6. Clarity

Researching and selecting which insurance is most suitable for you and your loved ones is an extremely demanding process. Thus it is important that insurers are as clear as possible in their communication. Explaining the benefits clearly, using standard terminologies and definitions, keeping members informed of the rationale behind premium inflation, ensuring information required by consumers to evaluate products is presented clearly in common format so as to facilitate easy comparison, having a clear claim procedure, etc

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